Founded in 2002, Generation Housing Development (GHD) is a Texas-based developer, owner, and asset manager of Class A multi-family assets located throughout the southwest.  GHD is a company built on relationships with communities, investors, partners, and residents.  With a history of success and a depth of industry specific experience, the principals of GHD have built a reputation for creating high-quality, well planned, and quality built multi-family properties.

As a long-term owner, GHD has been involved in the development, construction, and management of over 4,000 units, with a capitalization value of approximately $385,000,000.

GHD attributes its’ success to long standing relationships with communities, equity investors, lenders, and third-party consultants.  These relationships have allowed GHD to design, build, and manage every property effectively while maintaining its’ focus on building the best possible development for each community.

17440 Dallas Parkway, Suite 226
Dallas, Texas 75287

Tel. (512) 971-9127
FAX    (512) 961-8048