Project Description

Estates at Ellington
Houston Texas

635 Genoa Red Bluff, Houston TX 77034

The Estates at Ellington was specially built considering the future residents of the property. The property is located in South Houston, in proximity to well paying jobs and performing public schools, allowing the residents to ascend the economic ladder and have an integral role in the area.

The exclusive medium-density construction allows a comfortable private apartment to be in the middle of an economic center, offering opportunity to residents that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

This outstanding property offers a uniquely convenient shelter to hard working families with moderate income looking for success stories of their own. It is in a perfect location for people seeking good job opportunities and a quality education for the their family.

The success of the strategic planning and development of these residential apartments was promptly ratified by the high demand propelling the property to full occupancy in a very short time.

Development Cost:

  • $10.45 M

  • 72 units:   12 1Br. | 36 2Br. | 24 3Br.

Strategic Financing:

  • 9% Housing Tax Credits Program

  • Home Partnership Program

Income Served:

  • 30%, 50%, 60% AMI and Market